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What is Animal Law?

Animal law has become a distinct legal discipline, with its own body of case law and a growing number of practitioners and academics. The practice of animal law deals primarily with resolving legal issues and situations in which the nature of animals–including their legal status, behavior or biology–is an important factor. Although animals themselves typically do not have standing (meaning the right to sue and be sued on their own behalf) people who care about animals, or who own them or have suffered harm by them often do. As a general rule, if a person or a group of people can show that they have a real and tangible stake in a legal claim involving animals, they can have their grievances heard in a court of law.

I represent people and organizations that have claims involving all types of animals including pets and domestic animals, livestock (including horses), wild animals, animals used in scientific research and those used in sports and entertainment. Areas of law include contracts, property law, tort law, constitutional law, estate law and planning, government regulation (at international, federal, state and municipal levels), corporate compliance and criminal law.

Here are some examples of issues I have handled:

  • Successfully represented consumers who purchased contaminated pet food products.
  • Successfully represented a family whose longtime family pet was “lost” by a major airline.
  • Successfully represented dog owner whose dog was negligently killed at a doggie day care facility.
  • Successfully represented several pet owners whose pets were injured or killed by other pets.
  • Successfully represented dog owner charged with violating county nuisance ordinance for excessive barking.
  • Successfully obtained numerous reasonable accommodations for service animals.
  • Assisted with the drafting of Hawaii’s Pet Trust Bill and have worked with state legislators in drafting other bills relating to animal issues.
  • Successfully represented numerous people seriously bitten by dogs.
  • Represented owners of dogs accused of biting or attacking people and helped find alternative homes for them as a means of saving their lives.

    For more about the types of legal issues I handle, see:

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